DOEMaster® Version 2018B Release Notes:

  • New major features:
  1. Add support for multi-mode laser or multiple coherent source and multiple plane wave components as source.
  2. Add support for diverging laser mode as source, such as laser diode.
  • Major improved features:
  1. Allow using degree as unit of target aimed field for paraxial propagators.
  2. Allow manually set DOE pixel size for non-paraxial propagator.
  3. Allow odd number of phase levels。
  4.  Add DOE amplitude apodization for easy demonstration of double slit interference, diffraction of gratings. It’s mainly for educational purpose.
  5.  Add etch depth calculation for specified substrate material version of DOEMaster manual is added for Chinese customers.
  • Minor Improvements

    1. Add convenient features to aid setting up customized order control for beam splitting design.

  • Bug fixes

DOEMaster® Version 2018a Release Notes:

  • New major features:
  1.  Further enhanced the quantization algorithm used for quantized DOE profile designs, especially for binary DOE profiles. With the new feature of “Binarize for maximum diffraction efficiency”, the diffraction efficiency of the binary Phase DOE can be very close to theoretical limit of 81%.
  2. Improved the wide angle beam splitter design algorithm.
  3. Added individual order control for beam splitter designs. With this new feature, it is easy to design spot arrays in which any spot can be turned off. It is even possible to accurately control the relative intensity of each spot.
  4. Added switchable English-Chinese Interface.
  • Major improved features:

1. A Chinese version of DOEMaster manual is added for Chinese customers.

  • Bug fixes

DOEMaster® Version 2017c Release Notes

  • New major features:
    1. Add Zernike polynomial based phase apodization for initial and optimized DOE profile for compensation of aberrations of real optical system used in SLM applications or any application that employs continuous DOE profile.
  • Major improved features:
    1. Re-implemented the DOE quantization algorithm so that the performance of the quantized DOE is greatly improved.
  • Bug fixes

DOEMaster® Version 2017b Release Notes

  • New major features:
    1. Non-paraxial wide angle DOE design feature. This feature is capable of design DOE’s with full diffraction angles up to 120 degrees.
    2. Beam splitter designs. Now DOEMaster can design beam splitters and beam fanners, both in scalar paraxial and non-paraxial diffraction theory.
    3. Parallelized IFTA algorithm with OpenMP. Now DOEMaster can design DOE’s with up to 10000×10000 sampling pixels with any number of CPUs on the running machine.
    4. Added an Analyze mode for analyzing the performance of the designed DOE.
  • Major improved features:
    1. Re-implemented the model tree to reflect the new workflow in designing DOE’s.
    2. Greatly improved the field viewer:
      1. Added scatter plot type for beam splitter design
      2. Added Normalization option to normalize the field
      3. Improved the sharpness of the image plots
      4. Improved the quality of the surface plots
      5. Added color for the sampling plane information.
  • Minor new features:
    1. Show CPU and memory usage on status bar
    2. Add a tutorial in Help menu
    3. Add two simple educational samples cases
  • Bug fixes

DOEMaster® Version 2017a Release Notes

  • First release of DOEMaster.
  • Implemented the paraxial DOE design feature.
  • Implemented the field Viewer to view different field distributions on DOE and target plane.
  • Released to small number of potential customers for evaluation.