The LightSoft company provides professional optical softwares to design optical components and system. Currently two light software modules have been developed and are in sales, which includes thinfilm/grating design and DOE design.  

Our design kernel is based on latest computer technology, both in hardware and software, so it runs efficiently to deliver customers with a more precise and robust result in a short amount of time. 

                  Dr. Jiang  (DOE image by DOEMaster)

LightSoft's president, Dr Jianhua Jiang has over 20 years of optical software development experience. Dr Jiang has a physics and optics background and acquires strong computer science skills over years.  Dr Jiang is expert in FORTRAN 90, C/C++/C#, Python,MATLAB, and Unix/Linux programming, and proficient in MPI and OpenMP parallel computing. His tools has been used to design optical components and system from micro to macro levels in real world over 15 years. Dr. Jiang studied and did research in Tsinghua University for 8+ years, and built a solid foundation on physics and optics. Dr. Jiang studied and worked at UAH for 9+ years and developed multiple algorithms and softwares for designing micro and integrated optics. Jianhua worked at Breault Research Org for 9+ years as the main kernel developer for two industry-flagship products, ASAP and APEX, for stray light analysis for any general optical systems.

Dr Jianhua Jiang holds a Ph.D in Optical Science and Engineering from University of Alabama in Hunsville. His PhD dissertation is RIGOROUS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF DIFFRACTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENTS.  Jianhua earns a Physics (optics) bachelor and master degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. 

LightSoft Strategy Partner

LightSoft works closely with our strategy partner to provide our customers a complete one-stop Diffractive Optics solution from design to fabrication with state-of-the-art nano-fabrication facilities, including Lithography tools:

  • Contact Exposure
  • Stepper/Scanner
  • Laser Direct Writing
  • E-beam EQ

Jiaxing Yuguang Opto-electronic Technology Co, Ltd.

Mr. Yin: +86-13001916082
Email: [email protected]

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1. Dr Jiang's PhD dissetation
2. More PhD dissertations related to LightSoft algrithm
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