Polynomial Encoding for GratingMaster 2017d!

We’re excited to announce GratingMaster 2017d!
The highlight of this release is Chebyshev Polynomial Encoding for designing 2D gratings. This new powerful grating profile encoding method can efficiently generate arbitrary inseparable 2D grating profiles, which is impossible with classic Dammann grating encoding method. Therefore it opens door to unlimited possibility to the field of meta-surface research, 2D wide angle beam splitter design for structured light application and novel polarization control devices. The limitation only comes from the imagination of the optical scientists and engineers.
GratingMaster 2017d also incorporates some minor new features, such as new menu option to export 1D and 2D grating phase profile as bmp images and automatic save file before optimization. It also fixes several minor bugs.
The current customers should receive update notices from LightSoft Sales team and representatives around the world in next several days. Please update and start exploring this brand-new feature.

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